Do not constrain the rendering of fixed layout pages to a single orientation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to set the rendition:orientation property?

No. The default setting does not constrain content to a single orientation. You can explicitly set the property to auto in the package document, but it does not change anything.


EPUB 3 allows authors to lock fixed layout pages to a single orientation — either portrait or landscape — using the rendition:orientation property. The problem with forcing a single orientation, however, is that it prevents users who cannot turn their device from being able to read the content.

Users with physical and motor disabilities, for example, cannot always change the orientation of their device. The user may have it attached to a mount that cannot be adjusted, or that the user cannot adjust without assistance.

By default, EPUB 3 fixed layout pages are not orientation constrained. Locking only occurs when the author explicitly sets the rendition:orientation property to the value portrait or landscape. Consequently, the simple solution to this WCAG level AA violation is to not set this property either globally or on specific pages.

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