The manifest is the section of the EPUB package document that lists all the publication's resources.


MathML is a markup grammar for tagging mathmatical equations, enabling both their visual rendering and voicing for more accurate and accessible comprehension.

There are two flavours of MathML: presentation MathML, the most widely used, is designed for presenting math equations, while content MathML defines a rich element set for machine processing but is rarely produced.

Refer to the MathML 3.0 specification for more information.

Media Overlays

Media overlays is the name for an EPUB 3 technology that describes how to synchronize text and audio playback of a publication. Media overlays allow the text to be highlighted as it is read, and can also be used to provide a purely audio playback of the content (e.g., a talking book).

Media overlays is not a new technology but simply a more descriptive name for the profile of the SMIL standard used to define this kind of playback (i.e., Media Overlay documents are just specialized SMIL documents).

Media Type

Media types are a classification system used to describe different content formats. They consist of a general type (e.g., application, audio, image, text, video) separated by a slash from a more specific subtype (e.g., javascript, ogg, gif, html, mp4). The media type for HTML, for example, is text/html.

Reading systems and user agents use media types as a clue to the type of content they have to render.

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) maintains the official list of registered media types.