The use of headings in the resource fully and accurately reflects the document hierarchy, allowing navigation by assistive technologies.


Example 1 — EPUB 3
<meta property="schema:accessibilityFeature">
Example 2 — EPUB 2
<meta name="schema:accessibilityFeature"
Example 3 — Audiobooks
"accessibilityFeature": ["structuralNavigation"]


The structuralNavigation value is used to indicate that all headings are properly marked up.

The use of headings tags, and their correct numbering, allows users of assistive technologies to quickly move through the different levels of the book without having to traverse the table of contents.

See the HTML headings knowledge base page for more information.

Headings incremented for each subsection using the HTML h1 through h6 tags.

   <h1>Section 1</h1>
      <h2>Section 1.1</h2>

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