Version: WCAG 2.1+
Number: 2.5.1
Level: A
  • Interactive Content

All functionality that uses multipoint or path-based gestures for operation can be operated with a single pointer without a path-based gesture, unless a multipoint or path-based gesture is essential.



The purpose of the success criterion is to ensure that users have an alternative to performing complex pointer gestures to control the content, as not all users are able to perform these types of operations.

How to Meet

Authors need to ensure that alternative control methods are available when interactive content requires a user to follow a specific path (e.g., not just drag an item from one spot and drop it in another but move through specific intermediary points) or requires multipoint gestures (e.g., where two or more fingers are required to tap a screen for an action to occur).

Additional Information

The knowledge base does not currently cover the creation of accessible input modalities. Refer to the WCAG guidance documents for additional information.