A collection of notes at the end of a work or a section within it.


Example 1 — Endnotes with a heading

The label is identified in the aria-labelledby attribute.

<section role="doc-endnotes" aria-labelledby="note-hd">
   <h2 id="note-hd">Notes</h2>
      <h3>Chapter 1</h3>

Relation to ARIA

doc-endnotes is a landmark role.


doc-endnotes is typically used on section elements. The requirement that an element with the role doc-endnotes also have at least one element with the role doc-endnote should be ignored until a new version of the vocabulary is released it that resolves the incompatibility.

A label must be provided for the role using one of the aria-labelledby, aria-label or title attributes.

For a simplified list of all the elements the role is allowed on, refer to the mapping table in the EPUB Type to ARIA Role Authoring Guide. For the official list of allowed elements, refer to ARIA in HTML.

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