A distinctively placed or highlighted quotation from the current content designed to draw attention to a topic or highlight a key point.


Example 1 — Pullquote identified in the text
<p>With a deafening crack, 
   <span role="doc-pullquote presentation" id="pq01">a
   cornice broke free high above, unleashing a massive 
   avalanche</span>. … </p>
Example 2 — Pullquote duplicated from the text
<blockquote role="doc-pullquote presentation" aria-hidden="true">
   there are few things as important as toast

Relation to ARIA

doc-pullquote inherits its semantics from the a none role (i.e., it is presentational).


The role is typically used on span elements when the pullquote is tagged within the content of the publication (i.e., the text will be extracted and formatted later by script to make the presentational pullquote).

doc-pullquote is typically used on blockquote, aside and div elements when the quote is duplicated in a separate element. The addition of an aria-hidden attribute in these cases prevents the content from being read again to users of assistive technologies. A future version of ARIA is expected to introduce a new role for repeated content such as pullquotes that will allow them to be ignored by default but still be accessed by users interested in skimming the quotes.

Note: the ARIA 1.1 specification currently advises adding the backup role of presentation until support for none becomes more prevalent. As doc-pullquote inherits from none, the same advice applies for this role.

For a simplified list of all the elements the role is allowed on, refer to the mapping table in the EPUB Type to ARIA Role Authoring Guide. For the official list of allowed elements, refer to ARIA in HTML.

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