Identifies that mathematical equations and formulas are encoded in [MathML].


Example 1 — EPUB 3
<meta property="schema:accessibilityFeature">
Example 2 — EPUB 2
<meta name="schema:accessibilityFeature"
Example 3 — Audiobooks
"accessibilityFeature": ["MathML"]


The MathML value is used to indicate that the MathML markup language has been used to encode the mathematical equations. For Web-based formats like EPUB, Presentational MathML is used to encode the content as it can be displayed in a growing number of reading systems and browsers.

Although Presentational MathML often lacks important semantic information that is only available in Content MathML, it is supported by assistive technologies which allow users to more easily navigate and understand the content.

The MathML value is often paired with the describedMath value when fallback descriptions are provided.

See the MathML knowledge base page for more information.

MathML equation for definition of a circle.

<math xmlns="" display="block">

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