The resource includes annotations from the author, instructor and/or others.


Example 1 — EPUB 3
<meta property="schema:accessibilityFeature">
Example 2 — EPUB 2
<meta name="schema:accessibilityFeature"
Example 3 — Audiobooks
"accessibilityFeature": ["annotations"]


The annotations value is used to indicate that a publication comes with explanatory annotations that improve the accessibility of the work (i.e., the value should not be used where the annotations are designed for general use, such as in annotated teacher's editions or exercises with explanatory notes).

Examples of annotations with an accessibility benefit could include extended descriptions for images, plain language explanations of complex theorems, and text identifiers for visual cues.

Annotations can either be part of text of a publication or can be authored in a separate technology such as Web Annotations.


The Open Annotation in EPUB specification is not currently known to be supported in any reading systems. A proposal is expected to be adopted to include accessible annotations in ARIA 1.3, however. As a result, this value is rarely applicable to EPUB publications at this time.

Do not use this value for ruby annotations. See the rubyAnnotations value instead.

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