Indicates that a transcript of the audio content is available.


Example 1 — EPUB 3
<meta property="schema:accessibilityFeature">
Example 2 — EPUB 2
<meta name="schema:accessibilityFeature"
Example 3 — Audiobooks
"accessibilityFeature": ["transcript"]


The transcript value is used to indicate that transcripts are provided for any auditory content.

Transcripts allow users who cannot hear the audio or have difficulty following the speech to read what was spoken. They are an alternative to embedding audio descriptions or captions, which may not always be playable.

Adding a link to a transcript

<audio src="speech.mp3"/>
<p><a href="transcript.html">Read a text transcript of the speech</a></p>

Although including a transcript as part of the EPUB publication is the best way to ensure its availability, hyperlinks to external transcripts are also acceptable (e.g., publishers may have a common web-based location for all their videos and transcripts).

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