This page is continuously updated to reflect significant changes to the DAISY Accessible Publishing Knowledge Base. For a complete list of changes, refer to the project's GitHub commit history.

Changes are listed from most recent to oldest.

June 23, 2022 — New home page

A new home page for the site is now live. The page is to help new users arriving at the site discover more information about the knowledge base. The topical index is still available by clicking on the "Topics" link in the site menu bar.

June 17, 2022 — Updated the list of ONIX Code List 196 values

The page on ONIX metadata now includes descriptions for the new values 25 through 29 and 93. These cover the use of color, contrast, and audio, the inclusion of prerecorded audio descriptions, previous/next heading navigation, and how to identify the organization that performed conformance testing.

May 11, 2022 — New location for "Applies To" information

Information about what formats topics apply to is now included in the body of each page. The "Applies To" section includes a table listing support in various formats.

May 10, 2022 — Redesigned techniques

To help improve the readability of the techniques sections, the links to WCAG documentation have been moved to the WCAG explainer pages. To access the WCAG explainer for a technique, you can now click on the success criteria numbers at the end of the list items.

May 4, 2022 — Updated EPUB 3 specification links

In anticipation of EPUB 3.3 moving to a W3C Candidate Recommendation in the next couple of weeks, all links to older versions of EPUB 3 have been updated. The changes in the EPUB 3.3 specification do not affect the guidance in this site, but the new specification is easier to read and includes many clarifications.

April 30, 2022 — Redesigned pages

The topic pages have been redesigned to make them easier to read. The table of contents for each page is now available in a sidebar rather than compressed on a single line beneath the page title. The breadcrumb has been replaced by a category heading above each title. Clicking on the category will take you to a list of all topics for that category. Finally, a "Topics" link is now available in the main menu bar to return to the home page. Previously, you had to click the site title to return.

February 7, 2022 — New ARIA accessibility feature

The accessibilityFeature page now includes the newly added "ARIA" value for indicating that a publication makes use of ARIA document structure and landmark roles to improve its structure and navigation.

February 4, 2022 — Deprecated DPUB-ARIA roles

The pages describing the doc-biblioentry and doc-endnote roles have been updated to reflect that their use will be deprecated in the DPUB-ARIA 1.1 specification.

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