Version: WCAG 2.0 and up
Number: 1.2.2
Level: A
Applicability: Video with accompanying audio

Captions are provided for all prerecorded audio content in synchronized media, except when the media is a media alternative for text and is clearly labeled as such.



The purpose of this success criterion is to ensure that users who cannot hear an audio track that accompanies a video clip can still access the information being conveyed.

How to Meet

To meet this success criterion, the author must caption the video.

The author can use either open or closed captioning to meet this success criterion.

Closed captioning allows users to turn off the captions if they do not wish to view them. The most common closed captioning format on the web is WebVTT.

Open captions are part of the video stream (i.e., burned into the video frames) so there is no way to disable them.

Note that if the video does not include audio, the requirements of Audio-only and Video-only (Prerecorded) apply.

Additional Information

The following knowledge base pages provide more information about how to address this success criterion for publishing content: