Version: WCAG 2.2 and up
Number: 2.5.7
Level: AA
  • Interactive Content

All functionality that uses a dragging movement for operation can be achieved by a single pointer without dragging, unless dragging is essential.

Techniques: Techniques are not yet available for WCAG 2.2 success criteria.


The purpose of this success criterion is to ensure that users are not required to perform drag-and-drop operations as not all users have the required dexterity to perform these actions.


This success criterion is new in WCAG 2.2 and is subject to change until that specification becomes a recommendation.

How to Meet

If interactive content makes use of drag-and-drop operations, authors need to provide an alternative method to achieve this operation using a pointer device. For example, allow the user to click an object to activate it and then click buttons to move the object around.

Additional Information

The knowledge base does not currently cover the creation of accessible input modalities. Refer to the WCAG guidance documents for additional information.