Version: WCAG 2.0 and up
Number: 3.3.6
Level: AAA
  • Forms

For Web pages that require the user to submit information, at least one of the following is true:


Submissions are reversible.


Data entered by the user is checked for input errors and the user is provided an opportunity to correct them.


A mechanism is available for reviewing, confirming, and correcting information before finalizing the submission.

Techniques: WCAG currently does not include techniques for this success criterion.


The purpose of this success criterion is to ensure that users have a chance to correct errors in their data and/or review the data before it is submitted to a server that would store it. Alternatively, users need to be provided the ability to undo their submission.

How to Meet

This success criterion is effectively the same as success criterion 3.3.4 except that it applies to all form data submitted and stored in external servers.

Additional Information

The following knowledge base pages provide more information about how to address this success criterion for publishing content: