Version: WCAG 2.2 and up
Number: 2.4.13
Level: AAA
  • Buttons
  • Controls
  • Inputs

When a user interface component receives keyboard focus, no part of the focus indicator is hidden by author-created content.

Techniques: Techniques are not yet available for WCAG 2.2 success criteria.


The purpose of this success criterion is to ensure that users of keyboards (and similar input devices) are not confused by not being able to locate focused elements that are hidden by other content in a document.


This success criterion is new in WCAG 2.2 and is subject to change until that specification becomes a recommendation.

How to Meet

The only difference in meeting this success criterion versus 1.4.12 is that the focused elements cannot be hidden at all. Success criterion 1.4.12 allows them to be partially hidden.

Additional Information

The knowledge base does not currently include information on hidden focused content due to poor support for sticky headers and footers, and non-modal dialogs, in publishing formats. Refer to the WCAG guidance documents for additional information.