Version: WCAG 2.0 and up
Number: 2.4.3
Level: A
  • Audio
  • Controls
  • Inputs
  • Interactive Content
  • Links
  • Tables
  • Video

If a Web page can be navigated sequentially and the navigation sequences affect meaning or operation, focusable components receive focus in an order that preserves meaning and operability.



The purpose of this success criterion is to ensure that as readers tab through a document the order in which they encounter content is consistent with understanding its purpose and meaning (i.e., to prevent confusion).

How to Meet

For native HTML controls that users can tab to, authors only need to ensure that the order of elements makes logical sense. For example, if practice questions are laid out in columns, tabbing should not jump the user back and forth between the columns (i.e., the questions should be reached in sequential order).

For custom controls and widgets, the author also needs to ensure that all the controls are in the tab order and in sequence. Misuse of the HTML tabindex attribute, for example, could cause readers to jump to unexpected destinations.

Additional Information

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