Version: WCAG 2.1 and up
Number: 2.5.2
Level: A
  • Interactive Content

For functionality that can be operated using a single pointer, at least one of the following is true:

No Down-Event

The down-event of the pointer is not used to execute any part of the function;

Abort or Undo

Completion of the function is on the up-event, and a mechanism is available to abort the function before completion or to undo the function after completion;

Up Reversal

The up-event reverses any outcome of the preceding down-event;


Completing the function on the down-event is essential.



The purpose of this success criterion is to help users avoid accidental pointer input.

How to Meet

Authors have three options to meet this success criterion. The first is to ensure that any events initiated by a pointer such as a mouse do not occur on a down click unless they are essential to the functioning of the content.

Second is to provide the ability to abort or undo the action. For example, moving the pointer away from a button before releasing to prevent it from activating.

Third is to use an up event to cancel the action of a down event. An example would be holding a mouse button down to keep a dialog open and only closing it once the button is released.

Additional Information

The knowledge base does not currently cover the creation of accessible input modalities. Refer to the WCAG guidance documents for additional information.