Version: WCAG 2.2 and up
Number: 3.3.9
Level: A
  • Form Inputs

Information previously entered by or provided to the user that is required to be entered again in the same process and in the same user-session is either:

  • auto-populated, or
  • available for the user to select.

Except when:

  • re-entering the information is essential,
  • the information is required to ensure the security of the content, or
  • previously entered information is no longer valid.
Techniques: Techniques are not yet available for WCAG 2.2 success criteria.


The purpose of this success criterion is to ensure that users with cognitive disabilities do not have to unnecessarily re-enter the same information to complete a multi-step process.


This success criterion is new in WCAG 2.2 and is subject to change until that specification becomes a recommendation.

How to Meet

As it is not common for digital publications to include multi-step processes, this success criterion rarely applies.

If authors include multi-step processes, they need to ensure that if the user inputs information in a previous step, and it has to be specified again, the information is auto-populated or the use can select to include it again.

Additional Information

The knowledge base does not currently include information on redundant entry due to the lack of implementation in publishing formats. Refer to the WCAG guidance documents for additional information.