Version: WCAG 2.2 and up
Number: 2.5.8
Level: AA
  • Interactive Content
  • Links

Targets have an area of at least 24 by 24 CSS pixels, except where:

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The target offset is at least 24 CSS pixels to every adjacent target;


The target is in a sentence or block of text;


A particular presentation of the target is essential to the information being conveyed.

Techniques: Techniques are not yet available for WCAG 2.2 success criteria.


The purpose of this success criterion is to aid users who lack the ability or dexterity to activate small targets.


This success criterion is new in WCAG 2.2 and is subject to change until that specification becomes a recommendation.

How to Meet

Authors need to check all items that have a target area that users can activate and ensure that they are at least 24 pixels by 24 pixels in size.

Publishers need to be aware of the context in which the targets appear. A link within a paragraph of text, for example, is exempt from this requirement, but a list of links is not. Publishers also need to pay attention to the width of links. If a table of contents only lists the chapter numbers, for example, the target area may need padding to reach 24 pixels (e.g., a link of "1" may only be a pixel wide depending on the font).

Additional Information

The following knowledge base pages provide more information about how to address this success criterion for publishing content: